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About Nouthetic Media

Nouthetic Media, an affiliate of BuzzWords, is the order fulfillment operation for authors Wayne Mack and Lou Priolo. BuzzWords has been managing the online home of Wayne Mack’s Strengthening Ministries International (mackministries.org) since 2001. When the Macks moved to South Africa at the end of 2005, they asked BuzzWords to fulfill audio and video orders and Audubon Press to fulfill book orders.

In 2008, Lou Priolo asked BuzzWords to take over management of LouPriolo.com and also asked Audubon Press to fulfill book orders and BuzzWords to fulfill audio orders.

As of Nov. 1, 2009, BuzzWords became the supplier of all resources for Mack and Priolo and began using the moniker Nouthetic Media for all activities related to order fulfillment.