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Letting Go of Legalism

Lou Priolo


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ISBN: 978-1-934952-69-6
Format: Booklet
Page count: 40
Publisher: Kress Biblical Resources


The most common form of legalism among evangelicals today is elevating man-made rules above the directives and principles that God has laid out in His Word. It results in judging others (accusing either in one’s heart or with one’s mouth) of sinning when those man made rules are not followed. In this booklet you will gain a clearer understanding of how legalism infects us as believers, and how to recognize both doctrinal and applied legalism in one’s own life. Upon seeing it, we then can begin letting go of legalism in its various forms, truly love others, and press on in the grace and righteousness of Christ.


“The ongoing presence of legalism in many otherwise biblical and conservative churches is a point of legitimate concern. And there have been some attempts to address legalism that have misfired, either by suggesting an overly libertarian solution, or due to a note of harshness, even a condescending, paternalistic tone, that does not engender a listening ear. Lou Priolo’s Letting Go of Legalism avoids these problems altogether and offers a deeply biblical and balanced understanding of what legalism is, what its dangers can be, and just how to move from legalism to a joyous acceptance of life lived according to the standards and commandments of God’s word itself. I commend this book for all Christians, but in particular for those who have seen some of the problems that a legalistic approach to the Christian faith can bring. This brief book is well worth your time and investment.”

— Bruce A. Ware, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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