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How to Overcome “Paranoid” Thinking

Lou Priolo

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ISBN: 978-1-934952-39-9
Format: Booklet
Page count: 56
Publisher: Kress Biblical Resources


There are times when it is wise and proper to suspect others, and to protect ourselves and our loved ones from those who are a real threat. There are times when suspicious activity must be reported to law enforcement. There are times to flee from real danger. The purpose of this book is not to condemn all suspiciousness as evil, but to offer some balancing biblical guidelines to those who struggle with uncharitably and rashly suspecting others — to those who are habitually suspicious without good and proper cause. It is for those who prematurely become suspicious on less than biblical grounds that this book was written.

To download the Suspicion worksheets in 8.5 x 11 format, click here: Suspicion Worksheet (PDF)



In Washington, DC, there are many who are habitually suspicious of others, without good cause. I’ve never known what to give such a person, but Lou Priolo has solved my problem. Biblically wise and faithful instruction, Lou’s booklet Suspicion will be something I give out often.

—Deepak Reju, PhD, Pastor of Biblical Counseling and Family Ministry, Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington, DC)


In this very useful resource, Lou searches through Scripture to find the causes of thinking with suspicion, considers the span of the tentacles of such sin and its consequences, and offers a very practical, biblical alternative of dealing with it. I wish this booklet—which should be in your library—had been written earlier.

—Jayro M. Cáceres, Senior Pastor of Igreja Batista Pedras Vivas – São Paulo, Brazil, Director of NUTRA – Biblical Counseling and Training Center


Lou has always had a way of taking complex issues and breaking them down into bite-sized, understandable pieces.  This book is another example of his skill. It should prove to be a helpful tool in the hands of people who are struggling with this issue themselves, and those who are seeking to help others overcome unbiblical suspicious thought patterns.

—Dr. Nicolas Ellen, Senior Professor of Biblical Counseling at The College of Biblical Studies


As we have come to expect, Lou addresses this universal temptation with keen insight into the human heart and rich biblical wisdom.  He not only diagnoses the symptoms and causes of suspicion and paranoia, at all levels, but he also applies the biblical remedy graciously and very practically.  Every Christian will benefit from this brief but profoundly helpful booklet.

—Tom Pennington, Pastor-teacher, Countryside Bible Church, Dallas, Texas

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