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A Christian Growth and Discipleship Manual

Wayne A. Mack


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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Focus Publishing


Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Vol. 3
“As I have traveled in various parts of the USA and the world, it has been a rather common occurrence to have people make comments about the way they have been helped and have helped others through the studies found in my previous homework manuals. Again and again, I have had people ask me, ‘When are you going to produce other books that include assignments of a similar nature but go beyond what is included in your former manuals?’ My answer has been, ‘I’m thinking about it and when I get the time, I’ll develop another manual.’ Well, after many delays and much busyness, I finally decided that the time had come for this to become a priority issue. So here is the volume for which many have been asking. Our prayer is that it will be as helpful and well received as the former volumes.” — Wayne Mack

These volumes are designed to help people grow in their Christian lives and assist them in finding God’s solutions to various problems they encounter in life. This book is useful in a variety of settings: personal discipleship, biblical counseling, parenting, Bible study groups, accountability and growth in marriage, and general spiritual growth.

Soft-cover, 212 pages

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