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Down, But Not Out

Wayne A. Mack

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ISBN: 9780875526720
Format: Paperback
Page count: 256
Publisher: P&R Publishing


Deals with various issues in life that tend to knock people down and shows how to get up from these “downers” of life. Study guide questions are included. (205 pages). Dr. Richard Mayhue says of this book: “Dr. Mack brilliantly turns our gaze away from self and troubles to rivet our attention on the dazzling majesty of God. He redirects attention from failed human solutions to the infallible Word of God. This helpful volume exudes Dr. Mack’s never-ending love for and inexhaustible confidence in God’s truth revealed in Scripture. This book does not float one more in an endless barrage of theories on how to solve life’s problems. Rather, it points to the certainty of God’s eternal truth as the absolute basis by which to live.”

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