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God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems

Wayne A. Mack, Joshua Mack

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ISBN: 9781596389328
Format: Paperback
Page count: 384
Publisher: P&R Publishing


We live in a world cursed by sin. Because of this, everyone encounters serious problems in their lives, but Christians must deal with unique challenges as well. In God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems, the Macks argue that we are not doomed to a life of failure. Instead of making excuses, we can accept God’s diagnosis of our condition and work to change it. With discipline and dedication to God’s Word and to prayer, we can flee temptation and break free of the patterns of sin in our lives. 


“Wayne Mack has written an eminently valuable book entitled God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems. In the book, Mack shows what a Christian is/is not, that his nature has been changed so as to enable him to make changes that truly solve problems God’s way, and what he must do to make such changes. It is a helpful volume that every counselor/pastor/believer should own.”
—Jay Adams, author; former pastor; seminary professor

“Reading the book God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems is like opening a toolbox. The Macks provide a biblical framework to address the problems you and I face. You will find solid help from two men who demonstrate a knowledge of God’s Word and an understanding of the challenges of real life. I heartily recommend it.”
—Steve Viars, pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Lafayette, Indiana; Board of Directors, The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

“God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems by Wayne Mack and Joshua Mack is a primer on the Christian life. The chapters of this book brim with encouragements to Bible study, personal discipline for Christian growth, motivation for obedient living, and careful guarding of the heart. You will find two things you need here: biblical direction and hope for victory rooted in Christ. Any book that does that is worth reading.”
—Tedd Tripp, pastor; author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart

“What do ‘your problems’ have to do with such Bible words as ‘sin and temptation, grace and truth, Christ and the Spirit, repentance and faith, obedience and discipline’? Everything! But we often need help drawing out the immediate connections. Wayne and Joshua Mack trace out the ‘how do you change?’ implications of the theological worldview that has been so well articulated by writers such as Sinclair Ferguson, John Owen, Jerry Bridges, Jay Adams, and John Calvin. They call believers to the long race. They teach us about an intentional and carefully lived life, about lifelong immersion in Scripture, about utter reliance on the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, about vigilant self-examination and willing self-denial, about devotion to Jesus Christ whole and simple.”
—David Powlison, editor in chief of The Journal of Biblical Counseling; teacher of pastoral counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary

“Christians today are taught how to cope with problems, not solve them. Many believe that the tough issues of modern life are beyond the Bible’s range of answers or that it provides authoritative answers to get to heaven but not how to live here on earth. God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems is a persuasive argument to the contrary. It demonstrates that insightful theology is not only practical, it is functional for resolving deep-seated problems in life. It is obvious that this series is the product of good pastoral theology and a rich life-experience of counseling people-problems. The Macks are to be commended for providing yet another helpful tool for Christians serious about changing and growing.”
—John D. Street, chairman, MABC Graduate Program, The Masters College; Board of Directors, The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

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