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Preparing For Marriage God’s Way

Wayne A. Mack

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ISBN: 9781596389298
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Page count: 288
Publisher: P&R Publishing


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Preparing for Marriage God’s Way: A Step-by-Step Guide for Marriage Success Before and After the Wedding is a marriage counseling resource that uses thoughtful self-examination to reveal the personalities, background, and expectations that you and your partner are bringing to your union. Through rigorous Bible study, you will learn about God’s expectations for marriage and be equipped with his solutions for dealing with typical marriage conflicts. Three follow-up lessons after your marriage help you to reflect on all that’s happened after you said, “I do.”

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Preparing for Marriage God’s Way has been the staple of my pre-marriage counseling for many years. The activities and exercises in this book help couple understand their family of origin and the models that they bring to their marriage. I have found that using this book also helps couple identify the pressure points in their relationship as well as the path forward for resolving the conflicts that occur again and again. This study will get couples into the Word and engaged in conversations they would never have without completing these studies.

—TEDD TRIPP, pastor and author of Shepherding A Child’s Heart

“Oh, the problems that could be prevented if couples anticipating marriage worked their way through this book with a caring Christian prior to the wedding ceremony! Wayne Mack’s knowledge of both the Scriptures and marital problem-solving is evident in the order of topics, the clear, practical teaching and the application assignments. If you want to help a couple get off to a good start in marriage, take them through Preparing for Marriage God’s Way.”

—RANDY PATTEN, executive director, National Associaton of Nouthetic Counselors

“What a wonderful tool! Like all of Wayne Mack’s books, Preparing for Marriage God’s Way is faithfully biblical, thorough, and practical. The priceless bonus with this workbook is its unmatched effectiveness at exposing hidden dangers for engaged couples and providing a platform to help the counselor address them. As a result, couples are much more prepared for the realities of married life.”

—DR. MARSHALL L. ASHER, director, Redeemer Counseling Services, San Antonio, Texas

“What if there was a book that could equip engaged couples to identify relational problems before they emerge? What if its solutions were not simply sage advice or psychological theory, but the very word of God? Every couple would want it. Every pastor would use it. This is that book!”

—DANIEL KIRK, senior pastor, Calvary Bible Church, Fort Worth, TX

“We’ve been using Preparing for Marriage God’s Way for almost 10 years now. When I found Wayne Mack’s workbook I realized this was exactly what I’d been looking for. I don’t perform anyone’s wedding without them first going through this workbook with another mentor couple in our church. Over the past 10 years, dozens of couples have gone through this material and been given the strong foundation they need for a great and God-glorifying marriage. If you’re looking for biblically based pre-marital material to use in your church or ministry, don’t look any further.”

—BRAD BIGNEY, pastor and author of Gospel Treason

“God’s wonderful gift of marriage is struggling mightily in today’s world. Christian couples have great opportunities and responsibilities to glorify God as husbands and wives before a watching world. Pastors ought to take advantage of the opportunity to help these couples prepare for this solemn commitment. Wayne Mack’s outstanding manual helps couples get to the core issues of marriage. For more than 15 years, I have had couples work through the lessons of this book individually and then together. Afterward we spend delightful time reflecting together on their findings. Week by week these men and women become transformed by God’s Word to honor the Lord in their new callings as husbands and wives.”

—JOHN CROTTS, pastor and author of Tying the Knot Tighter with Martha Peace

“In a culture rife with confusion over the matter of marriage, Dr. Mack brings much needed biblical clarity to the topic. As a pastor, I have found this book an invaluable resource in helping couples prepare to take their marriage journey together. You will find this book a tremendous benefit, whether you are preparing for marriage, or helping to prepare others for marriage, God’s way!”

—GLENN DUNN, pastor, Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, North Ridgeville, Ohio

Preparing for Marriage God’s Way is the most biblical and thorough material I know in helping couples to build their marriage on a firm foundation. I have used the material with numerous young couples, and particularly appreciate the thoughtful discussion questions included in the book which allow both the counselor and the couple to interact on a deep and meaningful level. The book helps the couple anticipate what challenges lay before them in their upcoming marriage, and spurs on conversation that will help them to avoid the “trouble spots.” Saturated with Biblical principles and wise advice, I heartily recommend it to both pastors and to those who are preparing for marriage.”

—TIMOTHY A. SENN, pastor, The Bible Church of Little Rock

“Wayne Mack’s commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture and his years of counseling experience make this book and all his books valuable resources. It is vitally important that people receive biblical instruction going into marriage, and Dr. Mack has provided a most helpful tool.”

—BRUCE BLAKEY, pastor, Believers Fellowship, San Antonio, Texas

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