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Reaching the Ear of God: Learning to Pray more … and more Like Jesus

Wayne A. Mack

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ISBN: 9780875526133
Format: Paperback
Page count: 285
Publisher: P&R Publishing


Prayer is a force like the power of earth’s mightiest dynamite. So why don’t we see more of that dynamite exploding in our world today?

Maybe we’re not praying enough. Maybe we’re not praying as we should.

In Reaching the Ear of God, Wayne Mack motivates us to pray more than we have before. “I have yet to meet people who would say that they pray as much as they think they should,” Mack writes. And he shows us how to pray more as Jesus prayed. “I want us to learn from history’s greatest prayer expert,” he writes.

“Dr. Mack’s contemporary treatment of prayer through the lens of the Lord’s Prayer is packed with theological and practical content that sure-footedly promotes a Christ-centered and intimate approach to the throne of grace. The numerous application questions interspersed throughout each chapter help make this book one of the best practical manuals on prayer ever written. With the Spirit’s blessing, its prayerful reading will rejuvenate your prayer life and enable you to more habitually reach the ear of God.”
— Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Grand Rapids, Michigan

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