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Sweethearts for a Lifetime: Making the Most of Your Marriage (Kindle Edition)

Wayne A. Mack, Carol Mack


Format: Kindle
Publisher: P&R Publishing


A biblical, practical look at how couples can restore warmth and vitality to their marriages. Written for both newlyweds and those who have been married for years.

“It’s always with confidence and joy that I recommend Dr. Mack’s books. He is so thorough and so thoroughly biblical. When you read them you know that you’ve just spent valuable time with our Lord and His powerful word.”

Elise Fitzpatrick, author, women’s conference speaker, counselor at Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship

“In whatever state you see your own marriage, I am confident you will find here the principles and practices you’ve searched for as you seek to reflect Jesus Christ’s relationship to His bride””the church.”

Lance Quinn, President, National Association of Nouthetic Counselors

“Sweethearts for a Lifetimeroots marriage in Christ and the gospel, and in separate sections devoted to men and women it identifies the callings God has clearly given them in Scripture. This book bears reading and rereading by couples together!”

Tedd Tripp, Pastor, author, conference speaker

“Christian marriages are meant to get better over time. It is for want of knowing and applying the truths Wayne Mack has spelled out so well in this book that many marriages do not.”

Martin Holdt, Pastor, Constantia Park Baptist Church

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