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The Why, The What, and The How of Church Membership

Wayne Mack


ISBN: 1633422887
Format: Paperback
Page count: 80
Publisher: Shepherd Press


Should you commit yourself to membership in a local church? Isn’t just being a Christian enough? Anyhow, where does the Bible say that we have to become members of a church… why can’t I just attend and get involved? These are very important questions that demand an answer, especially in the casual age that we’re living in. Dr. Wayne Mack brings his years of experience as a Bible teacher, pastor, and counselor to this very controversial topic. His answers are straightforward and clear: YES! You must become a church member if you’re to be obedient to our Lord Jesus Christ and the clear teaching of the New Testament. NO! Being a “lone wolf” Christian is not enough; you must join with a local body of believers in a church that teaches sound doctrine. NO! You cannot just “attend and get involved” without the benefit of church membership; you must have church elders that can guide you, and that you must submit to. Dr. Mack thus argues conclusively and clearly for church membership. This is a book all Christians should read, whether members or non-members of a local church―and one that every pastor should hand out to his congregation!