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Women’s Discipleship Seminar

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In Titus 2:4 the older women of the church are commanded to train the younger women. Paul is calling women to a lifestyle of discipleship. Women need other women to come alongside them and model for them what it means for them to know and love Christ. For many of you the thought of discipling someone is a scary thought. You may be asking, ‘Who, me? Disciple? I could never do that.’ Often, the result of this thinking is Christians fail to obey the command of Scripture and miss the opportunity to impact others for Christ. This tape series, led by Beth Mack while she was director of the The Master College Biblical Counseling Department’s Summer Institute Program, is designed to help you know how to live out Titus 2 in your life. Remember: We need each other! There are women and girls in your church who need you to be a light in their lives! Women’s Ministry is a ministry in the church that under the authority and leadership of the elders seeks to instill the biblical priority of discipleship within the women of the church. This seminar provides a biblical understanding of discipleship in the context of women’s ministry and defines women’s ministry, the world’s perspective on women and influences of feminism on women in the church. Especially suited for those who disciple women or train those who disciple women. (4 audio compact discs)

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