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How to Be a Real Lover 2-DVD set

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Four videos on two DVDs.

Part 1 (TRT 1:06)

What man (and children) think about love, in marriage primarily, is put in juxtaposition with what God through His Word has to say about love. Biblical principles that will provide some guidelines for understanding love as you work with others for helping them understand love.  1John 4:8 is highlighted among other Scriptures.

Part 2 (TRT 0:58:03)

Specific facts about what real love God’s style will look like in the context of life’s situations and in our relationships with people. These principles target married couples, but they are operative with all people. 1Cor. 13:4-8 is a key passage in this lecture.

Part 3 (TRT 51:24)

How to develop and maintain warmth in your marriage relationship. What real love isn’t and what real love does not do. 

Part 4 (TRT 1:17:03)

Real love God’s style. What real love does not do, continued.


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