Dr. and Mrs. Mack’s most popular marriage enrichment resources — valued at $191 if purchased separately — at one special price. Bundle includes:
— Strengthening Your Marriage (book)
— Sweethearts for a Lifetime (book)
— Understanding Marriage Biblically (2-DVD set, TRT 5:57:16)
— Effective Communication (2-DVD set, TRT 4:17:09)
— Preventing & Resolving Conflicts (DVD, TRT 3:14:11)
— Mp3 audio CD containing five titles: — God’s Blueprint for Marriage (TRT 1:30:06), How to Be a Fulfilled and Fulfilling Husband (TRT 1:24:51), How to Be a Fulfilled and Fulfilling Wife (TRT 1:02:03), Sex as God Intended (TRT 1:19:54), In-law Relations, Child’s Side (TRT 1:00:32)