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Premarital Counseling 2-DVD set

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Teaching by Dr. Wayne Mack (two videos on DVD) from the Marriage & Family Topics course. TRT 4:50:00.

Other Resources

Mack-Endorsed: Biblically Sound Resources on Marriage & Family

Adams, Jay — Christian Living in the Home, Zondervan Publishing

Adams, Jay — Solving Marriage Problems, Zondervan Publishing

Adams, Jay — Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage, Zondervan Publishing

Adams, Jay — Christian Counselor’s Casebook, Zondervan Publishing

Adams, Jay — What To Do When Your Marriage Goes Sour? [out of print], P&R Publishing

Bettler, John — Tapes on Self Image, Christian Study Services, 1790 East Willow Grove Ave., Laverock, PA 19118

Duty, Guy — Divorce and Remarriage [out of print], Bethany Fellowship Inc.

Fryling, Robert and Alice — A Handbook for Engaged Couples, InterVarsity Press

Getz, Gene — The Measure of a Family, Gospel Light Publications

Getz, Gene — The Measure of a Man, Revell

Getz, Gene — The Measure of a Woman, Revell

Glickman, Craig — A Song for Lovers, InterVarsity Press

Harper, Michael — Equal and Different, Hodder/Stoughton

Hunter, Brenda — Beyond Divorce, Revell

Jenkins, Jerry — Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It, Moody Publishers

Knight, George — Role Relationship of Men and Women, P&R Publishing

Lewis, Kay Oliver — The Christian Wedding Handbook, Revell

MacDonald, G. — The Effective Father,Tyndale House

Mack, Wayne — Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Vol. 2 (deal with marriage, family, personal, interpersonal issues), P&R Publishing

Mack, Wayne — Preparing for Marriage God’s Way, P&R Publishing

Mack, Wayne — Strengthening Your Marriage (book), P&R Publishing

Mack, Wayne — Sweethearts for a Lifetime, P&R Publishing

Mack, Wayne — Your Family, God’s Way, P&R Publishing

Mack, Wayne — Tapes, CDs and Mp3 audio on various aspects of marriage and family life, NoutheticMedia.com

Murray, John — Divorce, P&R Publishing

Muzzy, Ruth and Hughes, Kent — The Christian Wedding Planner, Tyndale House

Peace, Martha — The Excellent Wife, Focus Publishing

Piper, John and Grudem, Wayne — Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Crossway

Priolo, Lou — The Complete Husband, P&R Publishing

Priolo, Lou — The Heart of Anger, Grace & Truth Books

Ray, Bruce — Withhold Not Correction, P&R Publishing

Schaeffer, Edith — What Is A Family?, Revell

Small, Dwight — Design for Christian Marriage, Revell

Sproul, R.C. — Discovering the Intimate Marriage, Bethany Fellowship Inc.

Swihart, Judson — How Do You Say I Love You, InterVarsity Press

Tripp, Paul — War of Words, P&R

Tripp, Tedd — Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Shepherd Press

Wheat, Edward and Gay — Intended for Pleasure, Revell

Wheat, Edward — Love Life, Zondervan Publishing

Williams, Pat and Beverly — Rekindled, Revell

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